Backflow Preventer BABM CD

Threaded backflow preventer with regulated reduced pressure zone with elbow funnel for vertical installation.
Brass body. PA polyamide drain valve unit.
POM polyoxymethylene check valves.
PFA pressure 10 bar. Maximum temperature: 65°C.
Special requirements: vertical descending installation.
Certified to UNI EN12729.
Approvals: ACS (Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire), NF, BELGAQUA, KIWA, DVGW.

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Part number DN mm DN” Connection Box/ Carton
149B70018 15 1/2 Threaded MM 1
149B70019 20 3/4 Threaded MM 1
149B70020 25 1 Threaded MM 1
149B70021 32 1 1/4 Threaded MM 1
149B70022 40 1 1/2 Threaded MM 1
149B70023 50 2 Threaded MM 1