Check valves EA CC55.1 and CC

The CC 55.1 WATTS valve is an EA anti-pollution check valve equipped with a downstream non-return valve, an upstream integrated ball valve, and four pressure test points on which a drain cock or other device can be installed. CC 55.1 is used for for residential potable drinking water, is suitable for use in all drinking and hot water installations, wherever an EA backflow protection device must be installed.
  • The quality of drinking water is also maintained by preventing the backflow of contaminated water. This is accomplished by placing safety devices in the connection of (hazardous) appliances. The nature of this backflow protection must be adapted to the degree of danger of the device and the substances contained therein.
  • CC 55.1 backflow preventer is a compact backflow preventer with a controllable EA check valve and an integrated ball valve, which protects the drinking water network against the backflow of contaminated water up to and including liquid class 2.
  • In addition to the protective device, the CC 55.1 backflow prevention unit also includes the necessary peripherals required for proper operation and control, such as a shut-off valve, drainage, monitoring and nanometer connections.
Main advantages
  • EA antipollution protected device controllable for residential potable drinking water
  • Suitable for all potable drinking water and hot water installations
  • Protects the drinking water against the risk of pollution by contaminated water backflow
  • Controllable check valve, usable up to liquid class 1, 2
  • Ready to install - Complete device including non-return valve with integrated ball valve and drain cock → 2 products in 1 device
  • Easy to install in the network - To control, maintain and replace it
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Technical Features

• Full & Deep range from DN15 up to DN 25
• Fittings: Compress
• Plastic insert check valve
• Compact size
• Drain optional
 Type  Part no.
  DN   Compression
 EA CC 55.1
 228015200   15   15mm
 228015201   15   15mm
 EA CC 55.1  228020200   20   22mm
 228020201   20   22mm
 EA CC 55.1  228025200   25   28mm
 EA CC  228025201   25   28mm