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Stainless Steel Manifold HKV2013AF with Flow Meters for Underfloor Heating

Stainless steel round pipe manifold. Flat-sealing male thread on both sides. Low installation depth. Connection nipple G ¾" with Eurocone. Pressure tested. The manifold can be adapted to the individual requirements on-site by using the modular accessories. Supply: Flowmeter with particularly small pressure loss and shut-off function. Return: Control and shut-off valve with adaptation M30 × 1,5 (closing point: 11,8 mm). Flow meters with shut off function and scale 0-4 l/min. Heating circuit connection ¾" M with Eurocone. Supply branch on the top. Ready-to-mount with brackets. EN1264 Compliant.
SUPPLY (top): Flowmeter 0 - 4 l/min with low pressure drop and shut-off function.
RETURN (bottom): Control and shut-off valve with adaption M30 x 1,5.
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Technical Features

  • Max. admissible operation temperature: +90 °C
  • Min. admissible operation temperature: -10 °C *
  • Max. admissible operation pressure: 10 bar
  • Valves and fittings: Brass CW614N /CW617N
  • Manifold Pipe: stainless steel 1.4301
  • O-Rings: EPDM Elastomers
  • Washers: EPDM Elastomers or Aramid AFM34
  • Ball seat: PTFE
  • Polymers: Impact- and temperature resistant
  • Brackets: Steel, galvanized
Type  Part No.          
HKV2013AF 0-4 VA02  10070000
 2 heating circuits
HKV2013AF 0-4 VA03     10070001     3 heating circuits
HKV2013AF 0-4 VA04  10070002  4 heating circuits
HKV2013AF 0-4 VA05  10070003  5 heating circuits
HKV2013AF 0-4 VA06  10070004  6 heating circuits
HKV2013AF 0-4 VA07  10070005  7 heating circuits
HKV2013AF 0-4 VA08  10070006  8 heating circuits
HKV2013AF 0-4 VA09  10070007  9 heating circuits
HKV2013AF 0-4 VA10  10070008  10 heating circuits
HKV2013AF 0-4 VA11  10070009  11 heating circuits
HKV2013AF 0-4 VA12  10070010  12 heating circuits

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