KLS25 with thermostatic mixing valve

Ready-to-mount, compact unit to rapidly achieve the necessary operating temperature of solid-fuel fired boilers. With thermostatic mixing valve. Dynamic bypass closes reciprocally in proportion to the increasing charging temperature. Thermometer integrated into the multifunctional shut-off valve. Arrangeable flow stops. Circulating pump 180 mm. Thermostatic mixing valve temperature pre-set to 58 °C, not changeable. Up to 50 KW heat output possible. EPP insulation.
Type Description   Part no. WID
KLS 25
Wilo Para SC 25/6
KLS 25 Grundfos UPM3A/7    10084645
KLS 25 Without pump   10027902
KlS 251) Yonos PARA 25/6   10026341
KlS 251) Alpha2l25-60   10026343

1) The product is discontinued