Diaphragm type expansion vessel SANIFLEX

Diaphragm type expansion vessel for warm water heating installations, in accordance with DIN 4753, to collect the additional volume that is generated during heat-up, prevents draining via safety relief valve. Primary pressure 4 bar, max. positive operating pressure 8 bar, max. operating temperature 70 °C, stainless steel connection 3/4”.
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Type Part no.WID Volume
Saniflex SG 5 10022132 5l
Saniflex SG 8 10022133 8l
Saniflex SG 12 10022134 12l
Saniflex SG 18 10022135 18l
Saniflex SG 25 10022136 25l
WH 25/SG 10017932 Mounting brackets for EG/SG 8-25